Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Justice for In-justice

     How is justice for in-justice served based on the norms and values of society. In the novel, The Jungle written by: Upton Sinclair,the character Ona was forced into prostitution. No one seemed to have served any justice but the following character Jurgis. Because Jurgis didnt serve justice the way it should have been actually served, he (Jurgis) served time in jail. Another example from this perceiving novel is that, some characters worked without pay. People don't work for there health, and they sure shouldn't have worked for free either. That's in-justice and that should have been justified. There should have been a way for those of in-justicement to over come societies social structure. In conclusion, justice for in-justice isn't correctly served in the normal society of  pakingtown. In-justice is usually unjustified when justice does't take it's part